Speaking and Interviews


Speaking is one of the ways I have been inspirationally guided to share my message and mission around self-care.

I do enjoy connecting in this way with the women I feel I am here to help and serve because for me, the spoken word, along with the written, offer personable ways to connect which feel more aligned with me, my message and the nature of what I do.

I suppose I would be seen as a bit ‘old fashioned’ in the increasing automated digitalised world because I love the personalised touch these two mediums of communication enable me to speak and inspire.

In speaking terms I describe myself as a transformational speaker who speaks to educate, inspire and ultimately to elicit action in those who feel inspired by my words and what I share, so they can experience the change or transformation they are looking for, however small that may be.

A Soul-Angel


The topics I speak on are :


Specifically :

  • Re-framing and re-thinking how we view self-care, what it is and what it entails
  • Self-care from a holistic perspective


Stress and Burnout

Specifically in the context of selfcare and re-thinking stress from a self-care/ holistic self-care perspective.

In these talks I share my own burnout story and insights I have and have had with the gift of hindsight, and where I am at the moment in my own continuing and deepening self-care journey.  I share my perspective on what I now see as the root cause of burnout, plus some nuggets of stress wisdom I have gained over the years as a Holistic Hands-on Therapist and Healer with a decade and a half of experience, along with an intuitive nudge in 2015 before I experienced burnout myself, which was to write about stress from the perspective of a holistic practitioner.


Interview Invitations

I will generally say yes to :

  • Podcast interviews
  • Radio
  • Clubhouse


I will generally say no to :

  • Topics that are not related to my areas of expertise
  • Telesummits, especially if I do not know the organiser or if it is not related to the work I do or my areas of expertise and interest.



If you would like to book me to share my knowledge and experience at one of your events to inspire and inform your audience then please get in touch via my contact page .

A short form will be sent for you to provide some relevant details.  Once this is returned I’ll get back to you usually within about a week (seven days) to let you know if I am able to make it.


All genuine requests for interviews or to speak are considered.