In addition to April being Stress Awareness Month, in the past it has also been CranioSacral Therapy Month here in the UK, however I have not seen anything about it this year.  I decided to still flag this up with you because :
1. to me there is an important link between managing stress levels and CranioSacral Therapy
2. it is one of the more subtler therapies that I practice, which although subtle can have quite profound results.  The other two being Myofascial Release and Chakra Therapy.
You may be wondering about the how it may help with managing your stress levels, so let me explain very briefly.
CranioSacral Therapy, which is very different to massaging muscles, uses light touch techniques to help the body release tensions it may be carrying, in the muscles, for example.
I have experienced with the clients I have seen in the past that the gentle and non-invasive approach of this therapy can naturally reduce stress levels.  This in turn can enhance well-being and help to balance the body on more than just a physical level. 
If the body can be helped to relax, this may have an effect on the nervous system and the natural stress response of the body in the direction of reducing it.  In other words it may help the body towards a more rested and calm place as opposed to the fight, flight or freeze mode associated with the stress response.
The above is just a short and quick introduction to this marverlous therapy.  It is a therapy that I enjoy practising and wanted to briefly illustrate what I see as the connection between it and holistic stress management.