It’s that time of the year when the spirit of giving is in the air and, may be one of the feelings that is prominent for you.

Usually when you hear or see the phrase “a time for giving” it is generally with reference to another or others, so how about this … to change it up just a little …

At this time of the year, with an abundance of the spirit of giving, ensure that you give to you too.

This act of giving to yourself doesn’t have to cost you a penny, not a dime or a peso.

The giving you give to yourself is free of any monetary expense, however there is a value attached to this style of giving … it is whatever value you place on your time and yourself.

And guess what?

These are two things that are within your sphere of influence, even though often it may feel otherwise.

So at this time of the year, I encourage you to also give, give, give to you.